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Local Business and Corporate Support

How sponsorship benefits your community:

  • Children are our most valuable asset. If we, as a community, invest in our children, our community becomes that much stronger for future generations.
  • Children who receive the necessary resources to heal from abuse/neglect, will be better prepared to contribute to the community and eventually end the cycle of abuse.
  • Children served by CASA are less likely to end up in foster care. Those in foster care, spend half as much time in State’s custody when they have a CASA volunteer. This saves the State and our community money.

How sponsorship benefits your business:

  • Consumers have a more positive image of a product or company when it supports a cause they care about. Supporting a local organization increases this positive image.
  • Tax-deductible marketing tool: Media coverage is extensive for CASA’s three major events each year. CASA’s newsletter reaches over 2,000 recipients via mail and email. CASA is active in social media through Facebook, Twitter and email blasts.
  • Your business’s identification with CASA of Northeast TN will show that you care about the community in which you operate and support the needs of at-risk children.

Current Business Support

    About 10% of CASA’s FY-14 support to date is from direct business and corporate grants and donations. This is a fraction of the potential for help from the business communities in Washington, Greene and Unicoi Counties.

Sponsorship Levels

*Setting levels and categories of support, whether donations or grants, is intended to provide a basic structure on behalf of streamlining our supporter’s decision making. We don’t want it to be a box you have to struggle to get in to.

MARQUEE $10,000                       

Company logo prominently placed on CASA website homepage

Marquee name and allotted time for address at Golf Tournament and Red Shoe Gala

2 Event Sponsorships, Marquee Name for One Event                 

2 Tickets to each Event, Website and Newsletter recognition

PLATINUM $5,000                       

2 Event Sponsorships, Marquee Name for One Event                 

2 Tickets to each Event, Website and Newsletter recognition

GOLD $2,500                        

2 Event Sponsorships

2 Tickets to each event, Website and Newsletter recognition                           

SILVER $1,000                        

1 Event Sponsorship

Website Recognition

BRONZE $500                              

Website Recognition

Checks can be made payable to CASA of Northeast TN.

All Event Sponsorships include:

Press releases and advertising in all major media outlets

Please choose which events your business would like to sponsor depending on the level of commitment:

Golf Tournament, Johnson City Country Club


Attendance 100+

Mailed invites: 500 + Emailed invites 2,000+

At event: Banner, yard sign displayed at a hole, business info in goodie bags

Red Shoe Gala, TBD


Attendance 200+

Mailed invites 500 +, Emailed invites 2,000 +

At event: Banner, DJ and Host thank sponsors, programs to all attendees

Next Steps

Other Support Options

  • GOODS & SERVICES. Providing goods and or services which support CASA’s operations is encouraged.
  • VOLUNTEER EFFORT. CASA must continually recruit in order to replenish our Volunteer Team. Active encouragement by supporting businesses for participation from employees or family members as Volunteer Advocates can be a valuable source of support. Click here to view more information on our volunteer opportunities.
  • PUBLIC PROMOTION OF CASA. Organizations who choose to support CASA can add to the affect by publicizing their support through their own public relations program and by presenting information on their support to CASA in the workplace and in business related publications.


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